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GreenDropShip Marketplace: Overview, Mission, and BenefitsUpdated a year ago

GreenDropShip is a premier supplier of natural grocery, bodycare, and supplement products that carries over 800 brands and thousands of SKUs with members from all over the world.

GreenDropShip recently opened a marketplace to offer brands an opportunity to sell their products to our growing community of online merchants. Buyers can browse and purchase products from multiple vendors on a single platform. The GreenDropShip Marketplace facilitates the transaction between the online merchant and the vendor and charges a commission or fee for each sale.


A marketplace is where you, as the vendor, can create your own store, add your brand identity, and list your products on our site. You set your own policies, prices, shipping rates, and lead time.


A vendor is the brand owner of the product or, in the case of internationally based products, the lead importer that wishes to sell to our expanding network of online merchants.  Vendors must officially represent the brand they are selling. We do not accept liquidators or other resellers as vendors.


Why a Marketplace? 

Over the years, we have amassed thousands of interested merchants looking to market natural products. Likewise, we have also had many inquiries from potential vendors who are looking to grow their businesses. What better way to make this happen than by opening a marketplace where vendors can connect directly with interested buyers?

In all, a marketplace helps a vendor create an online presence.


Our Mission. To help our online merchants and vendors grow their businesses while promoting sustainability, health, and wellness.  We are committed to supporting businesses that share the same values and principles.


Why should I choose the GreenDropShip Marketplace as my selling platform? 

The marketplace extends your reach to additional audiences through our merchant network. We have a wide audience of merchants eager to sell natural products, which can mean thousands on your side helping you sell your line of products.

When vendors sell their goods on GreenDropShip's Marketplace, they get a number of benefits:


Gain brand exposure

Make your products visible to thousands of dropshipping merchants who are looking for new products to sell. Your listings are easily accessible to online merchants who want to add their storefronts.


Improve sales with store analytics

Gain insights about your store's performance with detailed statistics and reports, which can help vendors track their sales and monitor their performance on the platform.


Enjoy a seamless payment process

Our marketplace handles payment processing, which can be a time-consuming and costly process for vendors to handle on their own. This frees up time and resources for vendors to focus on other aspects of their business. No more payment hassles. Payments and refunds are processed through Stripe. All you need to do is set up a payment account, and you will be notified instantly when retailers pay for their orders.  


A fast and easy way to sell your products online

Bulk import product listings with a CSV upload, including descriptions, pricing, and inventory count.  


Brand management

Product data feeds and inventory updates are synced across all online merchants’ accounts. Rich product pages and high res images bring your brand to life.


Control over inventory

There is no limit on how many products you can publish. Create as many variants as you like for a product and give your customers the diversity of options that they are looking for.


Access to a larger customer base

Because our marketplace attracts a large number of online merchants, vendors can reach a larger audience than they could on their own. This can help the vendor increase sales and revenue.


Reduced marketing costs

Our marketplace handles marketing and advertising, which means vendors can benefit from increased exposure and sales without having to invest as much in their own marketing efforts.


Lower overhead costs

Vendors do not need to invest in their own website, hosting, and other infrastructure, which can help reduce overhead costs.


Ease of use 

Our marketplace is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, which can make it easier for vendors to sell their products. 


Competitive Pricing

Our marketplace offers competitive pricing for our service, which can help vendors save money on fees or commissions.


Shopify Integration

Vendors are distributed to our Shopify merchants who have our App installed. Products are quickly distributed to our merchant base. Inventory, pricing, and images are all synced in real-time.


Overall, selling on the GreenDropShip marketplace can help vendors increase their sales, reach a larger audience, lower their overhead costs, and make payment processing and order fulfilment easier. It's also a quick and easy way to sell products without having to build a website or come up with a marketing plan.

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