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How are shipping rates determined?Updated a year ago


One of the biggest challenges is being able to price shipping when the shipping carriers price their shipping based on dimensional weight (DIM Weight.). Our mission is to completely pass on our deeply discounted shipping rates to our members.

What determines the shipping rates? 

Shipping rates of our products are mainly determined by their weight, volume, and whether or not they need additional packaging material. For example, shipments for frozen/refrigerated or fragile orders require packaging that will result in a higher DIM Weight and therefore higher shipping prices. We recommend adjusting your shipping prices accordingly.

You can find detailed information about the estimated shipping rates, as well as the dimensions and weights of each item in our data feeds. Please note that the weight that you see in our feeds reflects the weight of the product and all the packaging material it requires.

The basic rule of thumb for shipping rates

To get you started, we have included our estimated shipping costs for 1 unit in our data feed.  To get started we recommend setting your shipping parameters to an $8 base price and $1 for each additional pound. 

Advanced tips for shipping rates

While we cannot offer direct automation and exact shipping calculation for our orders, we can provide interested customers with some useful pro tricks on how to be aware of the shipping rates and how to control them.

Frozen and Refrigerated items are generally expensive to ship as they need to be packed in special containers with additional material that makes the package heavy. On average, the weight for the package of an F/R item is triple the weight of the actual item as such products get packaged with 2x the weight of cooling material.

While the shipping price for the initial unit of such an item seems high, the per-item shipping rate slowly decreases with each additional unit of the same kind. 

The Cubic Volume of the package is as important of a factor when it comes to the shipping fee as the weight. If you wish to stay within the safe area of the 8-10$ shipping fee (for regular items), we advise that you keep the total product volume in your order below 0.23 cubic feet. 


IMPORTANT: Do not select FBA as a shipping method unless you intend to ship and FBA prep order. See the following link for more FBA information. The FBA shipping method is not a way to get free shipping for an order.


Orders placed under the FBA shipping method will need to be invoiced manually and are subject to a 10% up-charge. Canceled orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Repeated violations may result in the deactivation of your account.


NOTE: Effective June 1, 2021 we are introducing a flat-rate shipping schedule. See for more information.

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