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How do I get started?Updated a year ago

Becoming a GreenDropShip member makes it easy to get started selling online. Just make sure you follow these basic steps:

1. Signing up

The first step towards becoming a successful dropshipper with the help of our website would be starting your registration on our platform by following the link below:

  • Submitting the resale tax certificate number

One of the key parts of creating your account is submitting the resale tax certificate number for your account's verification (assuming you're from a state that collects sales tax). 

  • Purchasing our annual membership

We currently only offer an Annual Dropship Membership for $149.00 -  the membership costs cover FBA Prep, access to our wholesale prices along with all of our stock feeds and image data, as well as our deeply discounted shipping rates. We do not charge any additional fees. 

2. Creating your online store

You may list the products on eBay, Amazon, or other marketplaces.

As a supplier of natural and organic products with a dropship program, we offer you data feeds that show our inventory levels and product descriptions as well as other attributes. Once you have joined us and been verified, you will be able to download data feeds and import the data into your store. 

Our membership includes access to the entire catalog of products that our customers are free to re-sell. You have full freedom in choosing the price that you would like to re-sell the product at.

To download our product price list, please log into your account and find a section labeled "Data Feed and Inventory Levels" In the Member Resource Area. 

In order to understand how to edit and import our data feed into your website, please click here.

To learn more, make sure you check out our blog post: 

3. Dropshipping

Once you receive an order from your customer, you would place the order with us by adding the items to your cart and using your customer's address as the shipping address. From there, we handle the fulfillment. 

To learn more, make sure you check out our blog post: 



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