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How to view order detailsUpdated a year ago

A comprehensive guide in viewing your order details in the Vendor Marketplace.

Here's a step by step guide on how to view your orders on the Greendropship Vendor Dashboard

Log in to your account on the Greendropship Vendor Dashboard and navigate to the "Orders" section on the left to view order details.



Click the "Eye"  indicator next to the order you wish to view.



All essential order information, such as the buyer's name and address, the products ordered, the order status, and any tracking information, should be visible.



The status of the order, whether Processing, Fulfilled, or Complete, will be displayed below. This will help you keep track of the orders as well.



In the lower right corner of the page, you can obtain a copy of the Invoice for your records. If the consumer requests this information, you may also include it with the package.

The Cancel Order button will cancel the order if the buyer desires to do so.



By regularly checking the order details, you can stay on top of the delivery process and provide your customers with accurate information about their orders.


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