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Why isn't my account approved yet?Updated a year ago

Most of our customers get confused after noticing that they are unable to log into their freshly created account - This delay is caused by the characteristics of our approval system. 

On our website, the account approval process normally takes 2-3 business day. During this time, we double-check the submitted information to avoid any further issues. 

Please Note: The following pieces of information are crucial for the approval process:


State Resale Certificate # ;

Federal EIN;

Address ;

City ;

State ;

Zip ;

Country ;

After you submit your application, we will also be sending you a Credit Card Authorization form that you have to fill, sign and return to us before we can approve your account. This form is not used to charge you, it is simply necessary when we have a billing address that does not match the shipping address.

All members are required to submit this form.

After your account is approved, you will receive a notification with a link to the member dashboard where you will be able to log in and start using our services. 


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