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FBA Prep FeesUpdated a year ago

The following are the fees associated with FBA Prep:


Service Price
FNSKU Labels $0.20/label
Expiration Date Labels $0.20/label
Shipping Labels $0.20/label
Pallet Labels $0.20/Label
Storage Fee* $0.50 cu/ft per day; $5 Minimum
Work Change Order $50
30% Cancellation Fee + Storage Fee + Labeling Fees
Custom Photography
Team Lift Labels
$0.30 per label
Carrier Pick-Up***


As a professional Amazon Seller it is your responsibility to ensure you are ungated and authorized for the FBA Prep Order you place.  FBA Prep must not be used as a tactic to get approved for an Amazon category.  While we do not provide photography, we will gladly ship an order to you in order to provide you with an opportunity to have the products ungated for your Amazon store.


*Storage Fees: Storage fees apply when:


The order is canceled due to a member's failure to provide documentation upon request after 5 business days.  Storage fees apply starting on the 6 business day. Storage fees do not apply for a request for a Bill of Lading (BOL) unless the carrier attempted pick-up and the member failed to provide such documentation.  


If a member fails to provide a BOL before a pick-up is attempted, storage fees apply from the date of the attempted pick-up through the date the order is finally picked up by the carrier.





If a member cancels an FBA Prep order, the order is non-refundable and a 30% restocking fee applies. No exceptions.


In the event that a member fails to provide with requested documentation or other information concerning their FBA Prep order within five (5) business days, the order will be scheduled for cancellation. Cancelled orders are non-refundable and a 30% restocking fee applies in addition to preparation and applicable storage fees.


***Carrier Pick-Up

We currently support USPS, UPS and LTL Freight Carriers. Other carriers, such as FedEx are subject to a $4 pick-up scheduling fee.


Work Change Orders


Any changes to the original specifications are subject to a $50 work change order fee for each request. This excludes changes to the destination address(es).








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