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Amazon FBA

FBA Prep Fees

The following are the fees associated with FBA Prep:. As a professional Amazon Seller it is your responsibility to ensure you are ungated and authorized for the FBA Prep Order you place.  FBA Prep must not be used as a tactic to get approved for an A

Important things you MUST know when placing an FBA order.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can be quite lucrative but it is also a highly structured process. When placing an FBA order it is your responsibility to clearly communicate how you want the shipment to be prepared. Any changes orders will most certainly

How do I place an FBA order?

Our membership fee covers the fees of all basic FBA prep procedures - kitting, polybagging, creating bundles (no limits on bundling quantity), and preparing the packages for being sent to Amazon. Applying ASIN, expiration, or suffocation labels to th

What does our FBA prep include?

Our FBA prep includes the following:. To start your FBA order, add products to the cart and select "FBA" as the shipping method. Afterward, notify [email protected] regarding any special packaging requirements. Packaging Requirements. Some pr

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