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What does our FBA prep include?Updated 8 months ago

Our FBA prep includes the following:


  • kitting
  • poly-bagging
  • creating bundles (no limits on bundling quantity); and
  • various other packaging options you may need for your FBA order.

To start your FBA order, add products to the cart and select "FBA" as the shipping method. Afterward, notify [email protected] regarding any special packaging requirements.


Packaging Requirements

Some products may require a certain method of packaging such as polybags or bubble wrap. The following are a few examples:



  • Liquids
  • Granular (sugar, flour, etc.)
  • Products with perforated packaging (a box of protein bars)
  • Multi-Packs
  • Bundles



  • Glass
  • Other fragile products.


ASIN Labels

If the products are enrolled in Amazon's FBA Small and Light Program, they are required to be labeled by the Merchant. We offer ASIN labeling for a fee of $0.20 per unit.


Orders that require bubble wrapping or any packing method that will conceal the UPC will need an ASIN label.

If you prefer, you may also request that we provide the ASIN labeling instead of Amazon.

If your order requires labeling, we will invoice you for ASIN labeling after your order is prepped. By requesting ASIN labeling you agree to pay for the ASIN labeling fee.


Additional Labels

If required, we can also apply suffocation warnings or expiration date labels to the products that you order from us. These labels also cost an additional $0.20 per unit.

Box Labels

After your order is prepped, our support team will contact you, provide you with the shipment details, and request box labels from you. If your order is being shipped Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), we will also request pallet labels.


Selecting a Carrier

We strongly recommend using Amazon's partnered carriers to avoid any possible complications. If you are using a common carrier you must UPS.

If your shipment to Amazon's fulfillment center exceeds 120 lbs, we recommend selecting a partnered LTL carrier. You will need to select the proper freight class. Below is an example of our relevant freight classes.


Class Examples Weight Range Per Cubic Foot (lbs)
65 Beverages 22.5-30
70 Food Items 15-22.5


Shipping Labels


After you have selected the carrier and agreed to Amazon's shipping/freight charges, you will be prompted to download the shipping labels.


You will then need to forward the shipping labels to our support team by e-mailing them as an attachment to [email protected].


Please note: for LTL shipments we would need the Bill of Lading (BOL) which is usually made available within 48 hours of concluding your shipment. The BOL should be forwarded to us as soon as you receive it to ensure timely pick-up of your FBA shipment.


Tip: For the practice to use ASINs when loading inventory on Amazon, please visit

You may read more about the FBA orders here.

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