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How are my products shipped?Updated a year ago

Once an order is received from a customer through your Shopify store, you have to submit the order to GreenDropShip.

GreenDropShip will then process your order and ship the product to your final customer.

NOTE: Shipping costs will be calculated for your customer when they place an order.

Here’s how your order will be shipped:

  1. GreenDropShip pulls and packs your products at one of our warehouses.
  2. GreenDropShip uses the “blind shipping method”.
    All dropshipping packages are sent with “warehouse” on the return label and no logos or branding, so your customer will not know the package came from GreenDropShip. 
  3. GreenDropShip ships the order directly to your customer using either USPS or UPS.
  4. You can manage your order status through the GreenDropShip app at any time and you will be informed when the order is delivered to your customer. 
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