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Managing Orders

How do I manage my orders?

Go to the GreenDropShip app dashboard and click Manage Order. In this menu, you can view, track, and pay for your orders. To manage your order, just follow these simple steps:. Please note that "TOTAL TO PAY" is the amount you have to pay to submit y

How are my products shipped?

Once an order is received from a customer through your Shopify store, you have to submit the order to GreenDropShip. GreenDropShip will then process your order and ship the product to your final customer. NOTE: Shipping costs will be calculated for y

How do I get paid?

To sell products in Shopify, you must use a payment gateway to collect funds from customers. 1. Set up your payment gateway in your eCommerce store. You can use Shopify Payments or a third-party processor, like PayPal or Stripe*. *If you choose to us

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