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How do I get paid?Updated a year ago

To sell products in Shopify, you must use a payment gateway to collect funds from customers.

1. Set up your payment gateway in your eCommerce store. You can use Shopify Payments or a third-party processor, like PayPal or Stripe*.

*If you choose to use a third party, be sure to create an account with that processor before you begin.

NOTE: GreenDropShip is not an affiliate program, you must enable a Payment Gateway for your online store to sell our products.

2. When a customer uses their credit card to pay for an order in your store, the payment is authorized and cleared by your payment provider.

3. After the transaction clears, the funds are deposited into your merchant account (less any fees, if applicable). Your profit is the difference between the wholesale product price and the retail price + shipping fees. 

NOTE: There are a few produced categories that are not supported by the Shopify payment gateway. These prohibited products include things such as “pharmaceuticals and other pseudo-pharmaceutical products that make health claims”. If you carry any of the types of products Shopify has classified as “prohibited”, you will need to use a third-party payment processor.

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