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How do I add products to Shopify?Updated a year ago



Import products into your Shopify store with these simple steps: 

1. In the app, click Search Products.



2. Click Add to Import List for products you want to sell. 



3. Go to the Import List.



4. Make sure you edit the product details before importing them into Shopify.

  • Under the Product tab, you can change the product name and assign it to collection add tags.
  • Under the Pricing tab, you can adjust the Profit and Price. The Cost is the wholesale price of the product provided by GreenDropShip.
  • You should also write a unique Product Description and use the high-resolution product images that GreenDropShip provides.  



5. Click Send to Shopify. 



6. In your Shopify store admin, you’ll find the imported products in All Products under Products



Once you have the All Products list in your Shopify store admin, you’ll then have to add them to your actual store by assigning them to a Collection.



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