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Adding Products

How Do I Manage Products I Imported via the Product Feeds Before Using the App?

If you were adding products to your Shopify store through our Product Data Feeds prior to installing the GreenDropShip app, it's important to know how to manage those products. No, the GreenDropShip app only allows you to manage orders for products t

How to search for products on the GreenDropShip app?

To search for products, just be sure to follow these simple steps:. Now you have two ways to find products:. 1. Enter the product type in the Search Bar. The search function will only list products that include the keyword you typed. If you type in “

How do I add products to Shopify?

Import products into your Shopify store with these simple steps:. 1. In the app, click Search Products. 2. Click Add to Import List for products you want to sell. 3. Go to the Import List. 4. Make sure you edit the product details before importing th

How do I edit product details?

Create an Import List to edit your product details before you import them into your Shopify store. Once that’s done, go to the Import List and click on one of the following tabs to edit the details:. For this section, all of the values besides Profit

How to price my products?

1. You first need to create an Import List. 2. In your Import List (under Manage Products), click the product you want to price. 3. Each product will have four tabs: Product, Description, Pricing, and Images. 4. Click Pricing and add your retail pric

How do I delete products?

There are two ways to delete products on your GreenDropShip app:. First, you need to create an Import List to import items into your Shopify store admin. If you add a product to your Import List but want to remove it:. However, this will only remove

How do I assign products to collections?

Grouping products into collections will make it easier for your customers to shop by category. You can assign a product to a collection before you add it to your store using the GreenDropShip app. 1.  Find the product you want to sell and click "Add