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Requirements to become a vendorUpdated a year ago

Start Selling Online Today: Become a GreenDropShip Vendor and Join Our Natural Products Marketplace


We are a natural products marketplace. Vendors are required to have products that fall into a natural product category. This can include grocery, body care, supplements, pet supplies, and eco-friendly houseware. Products which are published and deemed to not fall into the natural products category are subject to having the listing deactivated.



It's simple to begin selling online by signing up as a GreenDropShip vendor. To become a vendor, you can join our website and have all the tools you need to stay ahead of your competition. To start, you simply fill out your profile, register your account details, provide your company information, and submit your identification and payment information.  When it comes to submitting ID and bank account information, we use the most recent security technology so it is absolutely safe.


NOTE: You cannot publish and submit your products until bank account information is provided and in order to process payments to you, it is essential that we have up-to-date payment details on file.  

Have your logo and cover image ready.  You will be asked to provide your social media account as well.


GreenDropShip requires that the vendor has a valid business license, tax ID and/or VAT ID, and a valid bank account to receive bank payouts.




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