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Marketplace Vendors: Getting Started with GreenDropShip

How to View and Handle Orders

As a business owner, efficiently managing orders is crucial to maintaining a successful operation. This step-by-step guide outlines how to effectively accept or reject orders for your business. However, it's important to note that cancellations must

What's on the Vendor Dashboard?

Today’s total sales refer to the total amount of money earned from sales made on a particular day. Click "See Analytics" to compare today's total sales to those from yesterday or other weeks. You can also look at your stock and reports like sales and

What Vendor Fees Do You Charge?

Vendor fees are charges that vendors pay to a marketplace or platform for selling their products on the marketplace. These fees are usually charged as a percentage of the total sale price. Signing up is completely free -- there are no set-up fees. We

How do I register, create, and set up a vendor account?

The first step toward becoming a successful vendor with the help of our website is to register on our platform by clicking on the link below:. Click on "Sell on GreenDropShip”, fill out the form, and follow the instruction

Requirements to become a vendor

We are a natural products marketplace. Vendors are required to have products that fall into a natural product category. This can include grocery, body care, supplements, pet supplies, and eco-friendly houseware. Products which are published and deeme

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