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What determines if a package is shipping under USPS Cubic Pricing?Updated 10 months ago


Cubic Pricing

USPS Cubic Pricing is based on the total volume of the package. Packages that are eligible for USPS cubic pricing must have a total weight less than 20 lbs. and a total cubic volume at or below 0.5 cu ft. including packing materials.


Packing Materials

Packing materials usually take up 2 inches on each side and can cause the cubic volume to more than double for a package.


Here is how you would calculate whether a package will be below 0.5 cubic feet:


1. Suppose you have  a bundle of products whose total cubic volume is 0.2 cubic feet.  This value must be converted to cubic inches. 1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches. Therefore, 0.2 cubic feet = 345.6 cubic inches.


2. Next, take cube root of 345.6 = 7.02 (rounded up to the second decimal point).


3. Add 2 inches to account for packing materials. Therefore, each side becomes 9.02 inches.


4. 9.02 x 9.02 x 9.02 = 733.87 cubic inches or 0.425 cubic feet (733.87/1728)


5. Rounded up, you have 0.5 cubic feet.



1TIP: To check if your package is eligible for cubic pricing,
2make sure the total cubic volume of your products are at or
3below 0.23 cu ft.
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