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Shipping and Shipping Rates

Resolve Address Verification Errors with GreenDropShip: Ensuring Smooth Order Fulfillment

Welcome to our guide on resolving address verification errors with GreenDropShip. Address validation plays a vital role in ensuring timely order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. In this article, we will explain why these errors occur and provid

Do you have eco-freindly packaging?

We use eco-friendly cardboard and packing materials. Our peanuts are fully bio-degradable, made from corn and are actually even edible.

How do I request a return label?

Return labels are generally not issued unless the package arrives defective or damaged. Returns made on the basis that the customer no longer wants the product are paid at the member's expense. We do not issue pre-paid return labels in such instances

Lead-time and Transit Time

It is important to align your lead-time and transit time with your suppliers. It is also just as important to understand the differences between the two. Lead time is the time it takes to process an order from the time the order is placed by your cus

Frozen and Refrigerated: How do you ship them?

Selling Frozen and Refrigerated product can be very lucrative as long as you set expectations and price shipments properly. Here's what you should know when it comes to how Frozen and Refrigerated products are shipped:. 1. They are shipped an an Expa

Do you offer Signature Confirmation?

All packages are shipped with either USPS or UPS tracking. Signature confirmations are not provided.

Do you offer shipping to Puerto Rico?

We offer shipping to Puerto Rico on a limited basis, subject to surcharges. Please reach out to support if you are looking to ship to Puerto Rico and specify the products you're looking to ship. Shipments to Puerto Rico are subject to a shipping rate

What determines if a package is shipping under USPS Cubic Pricing?

USPS Cubic Pricing is based on the total volume of the package. Packages that are eligible for USPS cubic pricing must have a total weight less than 20 lbs. and a total cubic volume at or below 0.5 cu ft. including packing materials. Packing material

How do you choose whether to use USPS or UPS?

We shop rates to determine which carrier is more economical. If the shipment qualifies for cubic pricing, it would GENERALLY ship USPS. EXCEPTION: Exceptions are made and we do use UPS if UPS happens to be priced lower than USPS.

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