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Does the App Integrate with WooCommerce?

The GreenDropShip app currently integrates with Shopify. However, you can still use GreenDropShip if you have a WooCommerce store. Follow these steps to integrate GreenDropShip with your WooCommerce store:. 1. Sign up for an annual dropship membershi

How does the app work?

1. Get a GreenDropShip annual membership. 2. Start a Shopify store. 3. Go to the Shopify App Store and download the app. 4. Choose the App Plan that works best for you. 5. Connect the GreenDropShip App to your Shopify store. 1. Log into your GreenDro

How do I connect the app to my GreenDropShip account?

You need to connect the app to your GreenDropShip account to upgrade your plan. 1. Get an annual GreenDropShip membership here. The membership costs $149/year and gives you access to over 20,000 products to dropship. 2. Your invoice number will be em

How do I connect the app to my Shopify store?

1. Go to 2. Click Add App. (Shopify may ask for a password if you’re not already logged in.). If you’re not logged into your store, you will have to enter your store URL. You will then be redirected to your Sho

Do I need an annual GDS membership to use the app?

Yes, you do. Your GreenDropShip annual membership will allow you to import products and sell them in your Shopify store using the GreenDropShip app. Any products that you want to sell on Shopify will have to come from GreenDropShip, your dropshipping

What are the plans?

This plan allows you to view all products and create import lists. This plan allows you to add products to your store and process up to 100 orders a month. *Requires an annual GreenDropShip membership. $100 per month. This plan will be available soon